Founding & Purpose


Our young adults’ group meetings were officially founded in July 2022 at Temple Aviv Judea. We are so thankful for how the Lord brought us together.

We desired to have a group for young people, led by young people, where we could grow in our faith and fellowship together. We wanted our group to be different in that everyone would be actively involved during our meetings. Thus, we designed our group activities – icebreaker, discussion, and prayer groups to be interactive where everyone gets a chance to share and participate. We designed our meetings to have “rotating roles” so that one person would not have to bear the serving load alone and so that everyone could have a chance to learn to serve in the different roles. 

In March 2023, after many months of brainstorming, we voted to name our group “HaDor HaBa,” which means “next generation” or “the generation to come.” We, the young people, are the next generation of leaders in our Messianic congregations and in this world. Our prayer is that we will rise up to be a generation that loves Yeshua and one another, fervently seeks the Lord, is equipped and courageous to stand up for the truth, diligently walks in the Torah, and leads the future generations in the ways of our Master.


In summary, the purpose of our HaDor HaBa Young Adults’ Group is:

  • To regularly pray, study the Word, fellowship, and encourage one another in Yeshua
  • To build a greatly needed Messianic community for young people, starting with our group
  • To equip HaDor HaBa, the next generation, to be leaders for the Lord