Sample Group Roles

It is important to define roles so that people know what they are responsible for. Here were our roles for the TAJ Young Adult Group:

Young Adults’ Group Roles

When taking up a leadership role, please:

  • Take this role seriously and pray for God’s blessing and guidance
  • Do your best and be prepared, as you are serving God
  • Please let everyone know ASAP (notify via discord) if you will not be able to attend on Shabbat

Icebreaker Leader

  • Prepares an icebreaker (around 10-15 minutes)
  • Examples of icebreaker include: a fun question to get to know each other more (What was your favorite childhood memory? etc.), a short game, paper telephone, etc.
  • Please keep the ice breaker God-glorifying.
  • If preparation is needed beforehand, leader must let the group know ahead of time (best at the end of the meeting the week before)

Prayer Leader

  • Opens and closes the meeting in prayer
  • Divides people into small groups to pray, being aware of group dynamics (small groups will share praise reports and prayer requests, and pray together)

Discussion Leader

  • Prepares discussion questions and Scripture passages to read beforehand
  • Sends discussion questions and passages to the discord chat ahead of time (the earlier the better, but latest by Wednesday)
  • It is encouraged to have an application question near the end, so we can apply the discussion into our daily lives
  • Guides the discussion on Shabbat, helps people stay on topic, encourages everyone
  • If you have been at TAJ for less than a year, please send the questions to Catherine first (by Tuesday) before sending it into the discord group


Writes or types a record of what happened during each meeting:

  • Names of all attendees
  • Summary of main events (icebreaker, prayer, discussion)
  • Summarizes discussion
  • Sends notes into the discord group by the next Monday

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