Grace Chen

Grace Chen

Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)

These discussion questions are from our young adult group meetings at our congregation. Please feel free to print out and use any of these materials for your group meetings and discussions. We pray that these will be a blessing to…

Sample Group Roles

It is important to define roles so that people know what they are responsible for. Here were our roles for the TAJ Young Adult Group: Young Adults’ Group Roles When taking up a leadership role, please: Take this role seriously…

The Existence of God – Part 1 (Discussion Questions)

I once opened a book on religion and the first chapter began with, “In the beginning, humans created God…” Sadly, many people today that God is simply a man-made human idea. What if someone asked you, “Why do you believe in God? How do you even know that God exists?” How would you answer? Together, we will approach how to answer this question this from different angles.

The Importance of the Torah (Discussion Questions)

Yeshua says He came to fulfill the Torah and the Prophets. How has He, or will He, fulfill? What does a "jot" and a "tittle" (or “serif,” “iota,” or “dot”) mean? Will the Torah be changed or obsolete once "all is fulfilled" / "heaven and earth pass away"? What do you think being "least" and "greatest" in the kingdom of heaven means?  What determines that? What is one way you can apply what you have learned today to your life?

The Sh’ma (Discussion Questions)

Read Matthew 12:28-34. Why is the Shema important? What are some traditions associated with the Shema? Who is the LORD our God? What does it mean that He is One, echad? What are some practical ways we can live out these verses?